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2006 Garnos Ranch Hunting Trip

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Hunting at the Garnos Ranch

June, 2006

Since the LWR Ranch, in Martin, SD. had closed, I arranged to do my yearly hunt at the Garnos Ranch, in Presho, SD. Owen, Sally, Cooper, and Quint were great, and made us feel comfortable right away. My daughter Jean accompanied me for this trip, her first Prairie Dog hunting expedition. We hunted for four days, at four different locations, one each day. The dogs were out in fair numbers, and the weather was nearly perfect: in the 80's with very light winds.

The trip out was excellent, as usual. We drive along I-90, and the scenery is fantastic. This is the Columbia river gorge near George, Washington:

Lots of big sky and far horizons through Montana and Wyoming:

Driving through the Black Hill of South Dakota is a high point of the trip. We always make an overnight stop in Rapid City so that we can take our time getting to the final destination, by way of a meandering course through the Black Hills. A magical place.

Mount Rushmore is a wonder:

A view from near the Needles in the Black Hills:

Custer Park is wonderful, with large numbers of free range Buffalo (Bison) and other game. Parts of Dances with Wolves were filmed in the park:

We stayed at the Garnos Ranch, in Presho SD. It a pretty place, and very comfortable. Here is a view to the northeast from the deck near the dining area:

They have all the amenities, including a very nice common room with a big screen TV, a pool table, and a wet bar. The large pool is a welcome bit of refreshment after a long, hot, dry day out on the prairie:

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Our first day out, within seconds of stopping the Suburban on the prairie to scope out our first shooting location, I nearly stepped on this rattlesnake. You have to really watch your step out there:

Here is Jean working the 6.5-284 MAK Tube Gun:

She made the VHA 500 Yard Club with a 573 yard shot using the 6.5-284 on the first day. Not bad for her first trip!

Jean is a fine artist, and drew these pictures of winged prairie dogs for the Garnos' :

Next year I hope to be able to try for the VHA 1500 yard club. We shall see what the future brings!


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